SCAMPER & Business Model of Air Asia


Asia is a Malaysian airline company, one of the well known airline company in the Asia for its low fare and large area coverage. It was first founded in 1993 and currently has approximately 400 destinations in 25 different countries.


  • S = Substitute
    Substitute the physical evidence of Air Asia with more “Asia”, by changing the cushion fabric with tenun or batik or ulos, and change the uniform of the stewardess with Indonesian fabric and not bright red as usual. Variate the fleet dish with Indonesian food, snacks, and beverages.
  • C = Combine
    Combine the function of the plane & pilot. The plane machine could drive by itself, and can be conterolled from land. So it will minimize the number of accident and aircrash.
  • A = Adapt
    Adapt the common vehicle fuel, that is gas. And change the use of avtur.
  • M = Magnify
    Enlarge the plane into a really big jet, so it has many spaces and could be used to build playground for kids. There, kids can pretend to be a pilot and stewardess & learn about plane & fly so they will not be bore along the trip.
  • P = Put to Other Uses
    Put a virtual touchscreen on the bay window of Air Asia Plane, so passenger can watch film, pretend it as laptop and work their task there, and even take picture in the window. It will be automatically sent to twitter and other social media.
  • E = Eliminate (or Minify)
    Eliminate the function of airport as a major function. In the next time, Air Asia plane will land everywhere, even in the front of the passenger’s houses; just like travel bus. The airport will be the last stop.
  • R = Rearrange (or Reverse)
    Change the passenger’s payment from money to smiley. In the next, passenger will pay their flight with smile. The more they smile, the more facilities they get. The larger and beautiful the smile, the more bonus they get.

Business Model

Below here can be seen is the business model graph of Air Asia.


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